Cash only medical distributor CPAP EquipSource has opened a sleep apnea retail store and showroom at 6629 Engle Road, Midddleburg Heights, Ohio.
It provides customers with a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and who are currently on CPAP therapy with an in-store option to view and purchase the latest masks and machines available, along with accessories such as CPAP cleaning devices.

More controversially, CPAP EquipSource is selling home sleep testing kits (HST) for self-testing and screening of sleep apnea (OSA), which it says in a release “requires neither a prescription nor a visit to the doctor.”

It also offers sleep testing services to institutional providers, including skilled and assisted living facilities.

CPAP Store Showroom“Many CPAP patients are frustrated and tired of dealing with their current provider due to lack of service and supply options. This scarcity of parts or service results in patients not being able to use their CPAP devices as prescribed, which can ultimately lead to other, more serious health complications. We offer customers the convenience of being able to pick up a device from our store, if they suspect that they or a loved one may have sleep apnea. This tremendous benefit allows those who refuse to see a doctor or do not want to spend a night in a sleep laboratory to be tested,” says Miguel Semidey, president of CPAP EquipSource, in a release.