Rhythmlink International LLC has a new Invisa-Electrode line, which are artifact-free CT imaging electrodes that enable a continuous collection of EEG data before and after a patient has a CT scan.

“Historically, EEG electrodes produce a reflection artifact during a CT scan, which can cause the image to be unreadable requiring the patient to have their EEG electrodes removed for each CT scan. Each time EEG electrodes are removed, critical brain function information is not being recorded, while also increasing the cost to the facility by requiring staff to reapply the electrodes over and over again,” says director of sales Leah Hanson, R. EEG/EP T, in a release. “The repeated reapplication process can also increase the risk for skin breakdown, which can lead to higher risk of infection. The Invisa-Electrodes help reduce the challenges that have halted the realistic achievement of recording continuous EEG brain monitoring when CT imaging is required.”

The Invisa-Electrode line features the same superior EEG recording quality as the standard electrodes, but can be left on the patient during a CT scan. The options—Slim Cup, Deep Cup, Webb, and PressOn—come in various colors and quantities.