Sleep device company Nox Medical, the testing and diagnostics branch of Nox Health, has launched its polysomnographic (PSG) system, the Nox A1, in the United States and Canada. The Nox A1 is an ambulatory PSG device that combines that is capable of multiple functions in a single device.

The system’s wireless design allows patients to move freely while undergoing testing and even enables the device to be used for at-home testing as needed. In addition to its dual in-lab and at-home functionality, the Nox A1 can perform Level I, Level II, and Level III sleep studies.

“We take great pride in not only the comfort, but the efficiency of our devices,” says Pétur Már Halldórsson, CEO of Nox Medical, in a release. “Unlike traditional PSG systems, the Nox A1’s wireless hookup design eliminates the discomfort and inconvenience of being tethered to the bed. Plus, with minimal cables and straps, it is suitable for diverse patient population.

“The Nox A1’s benefits extend to sleep technicians as well, who can easily review the sleep study data in real time using the Noxturnal app and software, which provide continuous impedance control. The device’s fluency, from hookup to software, helps to increase efficiency and even provides sleep techs the capacity to attend to multiple patients simultaneously.”

The Nox A1 and its accompanying Noxturnal software incorporate technology that provides automatic analysis of sleep study data. In published papers, the Nox A1 System has demonstrated a strong correlation between its built-in algorithm for respiratory scoring and manually scored apnea-hypopnea indexes (AHI). The Noxturnal software also includes an automatic sleep staging algorithm intended to estimate total sleep time. The device itself is outfitted with two RIP (respiratory inductance plethysmography) belts, which provide an alternative for scoring apneas and hypopneas, as well as a backup signal if the primary nasal cannula signal fails or is unreliable.

“At Nox Health, clinical accuracy is paramount in everything we do,” Halldórsson says. “Our goal is to allow sleep providers to better assess, diagnose, and treat the entire range of sleep health issues while also eliminating common pain points, including the need for re-testing. The Nox A1 simplifies the workflow of sleep studies while also delivering highly secure and precise measurements.”

The Nox A1 first launched in Europe in 2014.