The SOMNOLYZER 24×7 from the Siesta Group, Salisbury, Md, received 510K clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration for polysomnography scoring. The SOMNOLYZER 24X7 is a robust and valid computer assisted sleep scoring system. SOMNOLYZER 24×7 is an embedded computer supported solution that applies the same rules as any human expert alone, according to information released by the company. The SOMNOLYZER 24×7 software runs at The Siesta Group’s analysis center and is accessible via Internet at any time from any place worldwide. The SOMNOLYZER 24X7 calculates a hypnogram according to AASM rules from all-night sleep recordings. The SOMNOLYZER 24X7 reduces lag time between study and scoring completeness while ensuring consistent, quality scorings.

Scoring based on SOMNOLYZER 24×7 comprises:

    * Sleep staging,
    * Arousal analysis,
    * Respiratory analysis,
    * Leg movement analysis