Cadwell introduces the Arc Synopsis EEG analysis tool for Arc EEG. Arc Synopsis recognizes critical points in EEG including seizures, cerebral function background patterns, sleep/wake cycling, and burst rate. Synopsis helps physicians assess cerebral function, predict outcomes and make informed treatment decisions.

“Cadwell is focused on bringing EEG monitoring products to the market that allow patients to have improved care and better outcomes,” says Patrick Jensen, CEO, in a release. “Arc Synopsis is just another stepping stone on the way to providing a complete portfolio of EEG products enabling patient brain health to be a top priority.”

Arc EEG is designed for quality performance in clinical practice and cerebral monitoring in the ICU, EMU, and outpatient clinics. The Arc family includes Arc Essentia amplifiers, the Arc Alterna ambulatory system, and Arc software. This system lets physicians capture critical information; start a new study instantly; monitor any way, anywhere; review in record time; and anonymize studies.

The Synopsis Trends Package provides a Seizure View, a Normal View, and a Trends Window with customizable analysis. The Seizure Detection Package includes the Trends Package, automatic detection, automatic marking, and customizable thresholds for seizures and event activities. Synopsis strengthens the Arc toolkit by providing aEEG, alpha:delta, amplitude asymmetry, band power, envelope trend, spectrogram, and spectral entropy trend.