At SLEEP 2022, Dymedix Diagnostics will be revealing its CompletePlus Disposable PSG Setup Kit, a complete collection of disposable electrodes and sensors for single patient polysomnography.

Over the years, Dymedix has received requests to develop a PSG setup kit for the sleep testing community, enabling sleep techs to grab a single kit with all essential electrodes and sensors. The kits are available for both adult and pediatric patients.

CompletePlus contents are entirely disposable. Customers can go to the Dymedix website and use the CompletePlus page to choose various preferences and options to determine the appropriate kit contents and product numbers for their sleep laboratory.

“Dymedix is very excited to launch the CompletePlus Disposable PSG Setup Kit at the SLEEP 2022 conference in June,” says Todd Eiken, RPGST, FAAST, vice president of product development at Dymedix. “Following numerous requests, we decided it was a good time to create a PSG sensor kit that will streamline purchasing, simplify maintaining inventory, save time for PSG technologists, and help prevent cross contamination for patients.”

CompletePlus Disposable PSG Setup Kit Contents

  • gold cup EEG electrodes
  • adhesive electrodes for EOG, ground, reference
  • TripleChin electrode patch for chin (submentalis) EMG
  • dual EMG patch for leg (anterior tibialis) EMG
  • adhesive electrodes for ECG
  • TriplePlay nasal/oral airflow
  • snore sensor
  • thoracic and abdominal respiratory effort