ETH Zurich: An autonomous robotic bed, a wearable that delivers audio tones to induce higher quality sleep, and a contactless home sleep apnea test are three technologies emerging from Switzerland.

  • ETH Zurich doctoral researcher, Alexander Breuss is furthering the development of the “Somnomat Casa.” The autonomous robotic bed monitors sleepers implementing easy, swaying, and back-and-forth motions that mimic how parents rock their babies to sleep.
  • SleepLoop is a flagship, multi-disciplinary research collaboration headed up by ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich to “enhance health using mobile technologies that improve and deepen sleep in various stages of life…” Deploying mobile technologies has enabled large-scale research that supports deep and regenerative sleep outside of the confines of the lab and inside the bedrooms where we sleep best. At night, SleepLoop uses the Tosoo wearable to record brain activity and deliver an auditory tone during periods of deep sleep. The tone enhances the synchronization of neurons and induces an even deeper and higher quality of sleep.
  • While working on wireless communication technologies at ETH Zurich, Soumya Dash realized that his work could also be used in tracking, measuring, and diagnosing sleep disorders. Exploring this idea, he visited a sleep lab, where the abundance of cables and sensors hooked up to the patients was painful for him to see. Driven to improve people’s lives, Dash’s interactions led him to a skilled and passionate set of co-founders, including Max Sieghold and Marc Rullan. “Sleep is…” they thought, and came up with Sleepiz AG, an ETH Spinoff. Today, Sleepiz works with physicians across Europe. The team also offers their technology and services to the public through their apnea screening platform.

Learn more about these devices at ETH Zurich‘s website.