Cerebra Medical Ltd, in partnership with IDUN Technologies AG and Pilotfish Nederland BV, has received Eurostars funding to support the development of consumer sleep improvement technology. 

Combining Cerebra’s proprietary Odds Ratio Product (ORP) sleep depth, IDUN’s in-ear electroencephalogram (EEG) interface technology, and Pilotfish’s design expertise, the project, “Personalised Sleep Recovery Platform,” creates a platform for consumers to understand and improve their sleep on an individual level, according to a press release by Cerebra. 

“The current state of sleep trackers has a lot left to be desired,” says Amy Bender, PhD, director of clinical sleep science at Cerebra and principal investigator on the project, in a press release. “By collaborating with IDUN and Pilotfish on this project, we can create an overall product that still measures sleep accurately with EEG but is comfortable and easy to use. The most exciting part will be to use ORP to detect which lifestyle factors make a difference on your sleep quality and use behavior change strategies and gamification to create a meaningful sleep improvement platform that will actually provide insights to help you sleep and perform better.”

IDUN in-ear technology makes direct, lab-quality analysis of sleep comfortable and accessible, while Cerebra’s ORP technology leverages this information, moving beyond conventional scoring methods to dig deeper into brain activity during sleep, according to a press release by Cerebra that notes that the resulting consumer application analyzes this sleep data to provide personalized and adaptive feedback on improving sleep quality.

“Here we have excellent software and technology that has a huge potential to provide better sleep and lives for many people with sleep disorders. We are looking forward to tackling our part: the enormous design challenge to create a device that is comfortable to wear overnight and that disappears from the mind to let the user have sweet dreams,” says Marc Nagel, managing director of Pilotfish, in a press release.

Mark Melnykowycz, lead product designer at IDUN Technologies AG, says in a press release, “The future of sleep is an exciting place to make a positive impact on society. The ability to bring our brain-computer interface technology into hearables opens up new ways for people to understand their sleep journey and make lifestyle changes to improve it.”

Photo 132672339 © Nenitorx | Dreamstime.com