A new capsule hotel specializing in sleep analysis is set to open in Tokyo, Japan, next year that will acquire, store, and analyze sleep data of hotel guests, with their consent. 

NTT Data Corp, a Japanese IT services company, is opening the hotel through a collaboration with Nine Hours, a capsule hotel operator, and Fitbit, a Google-owned brand of wearable technology. NTT Data will open the hotel on the first floor of the company-owned Area Shinagawa in Tokyo in July 2024. 

Sleep data will be captured using infrared cameras, sound-collecting microphones, body movement sensors, and brain wave sensors. The hotel also plans to trial a sensor currently being developed by NTT Laboratories that visualizes internal body rhythms by estimating core body temperature, according to a machine-translated release from the company. 

A sleep analysis report will be created for guests, providing information about their sleep data and core body temperature to help them understand their optimal sleep environment based on their individual health and internal rhythms. 

A Fitbit will be provided to guests who wish to use it which will be able to collect daily sleep data outside the hotel. “In the future, we plan to comprehensively analyze sleep analysis data, Fitbit data, health checkup data, etc, to propose sleep improvement programs and diets tailored to each individual,” according to the release. 

NTT Data expects to acquire sleep data from 10 million people globally and provide “the world’s largest” sleep data accumulation and analysis service by 2027.

The company intends to share anonymized data with manufacturers in various industries, such as pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, as well as food, beverage, and consumer goods manufacturers, with the consent of the guest. 

Photo caption: Nine Hours Ningyocho store

Photo credit: NTT Data Corp