Korean sleep solution startup ANSSil clinched the Innovation Award in the digital health category at 2024 CES for its digital healthcare mattress Smart String i4, a new model of the Sleepinbody-Incline Smart Mattress.  

This marks the company’s third consecutive win, securing awards in digital health, smart home, and home appliance from 2022 to 2024.

ANSSil developed a bed made of strings instead of springs. Utilizing string bed, artificial inteligence (AI), and big data in sleeping pattern analytics, the mattress provides an optimal sleeping environment, according to a release from the company.

This design, consisting of 14 million low-shrink polyester threads, aims for durability and maintaining shape. The mattress offers an adjustable firmness setting, enabling users to tailor the hardness or softness to their liking.

The newly introduced model, Smart String i4, integrates IoT controllers with String Supporter, along with the ANSSil Link App, pressure sensors, and a smart scale installed on the user’s smartphone or smartwatch, enabling the collection and analysis of the user’s sleep condition through an AI-based IoT system.

Utilizing pressure sensors and applications on the Sleepinbody platform, the smart mattress learns from the collected data, such as sleep information, hours, posture, sleep stages, etc. The AI algorithm then generates personalized sleep data, which users can review daily through the ANSSil Link App.

By synchronizing with the user’s smart scale or wearable devices, the Smart String i4 provides an optimal sleep environment and sleep solution, offering various personalized services related to sleep routine, body changes, sleep tips, and more.

Photo caption: Smart String i4

Photo credit: ANSSil