New York City-based smart mattress company Eight is launching a high-tech sensor validation study in collaboration with David Rapoport, MD, at the Mount Sinai Integrative Sleep Center. The study will use devices found at the sleep center to measure sensor accuracy in Eight’s Smart Mattress product, which uses built-in high-tech sensors to track biometrics during sleep.

Rapoport, who is a professor of medicine, pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, says in a release, “I was interested in studying Eight’s sleep tracking technology because of the implications it can have in how sleep research is conducted.” Eight notes that polysomnography (PSG) requires a minimum of 22 wires, multiple security straps, and tape to be attached to the patient, Eight’s sensors are embedded in mattresses and users do not have to wear anything.

The study will use PSG and Eight’s Smart Mattresses in tandem to validate Eight’s sleep tracking technology. Participants will sleep on an Eight mattress while hooked up to PSG equipment. Data from both tracking mechanisms will be collected simultaneously and compared to benchmark Eight’s technology against devices traditionally used in sleep clinics.

“We’re excited to incorporate more formal scientific research into the continuous development of our technology,” says Matteo Franceschetti, CEO and co-Founder of Eight. “We believe our product’s ability to seamlessly and passively collect sleep data will revolutionize the way the average person and the medical field is able to understand sleep health. Imagine a world where a doctor can access and analyze your sleep data without you ever having to leave your home.”

Outside the clinical setting, Eight is working to help all of its users understand and improve their sleep habits via a mobile app. It leverages machine learning to extract information from sleep data. Its signature product, the Eight Smart Mattress, tracks over 15 factors of sleep including heart rate, breathing rate, deep and light sleep, time slept, and tosses and turn, according to the company. Its analysis of over 200 billion data points collected to date has uncovered findings that are built into the recommendation engine of the sleep coaching feature.

The Eight Smart Mattress starts at $699, including sleep tracking, bedwarming, smart home integration, and an artificial intelligence-powered sleep coach.