Withings Sleep Analyzer records sleep and heart rate, and promises to monitor for sleep apnea, according to a report from The Guardian.

The mat is 637mm long, 190mm wide and only 5mm thick, so easily slides between your mattress and base (including slatted bases), positioned around where your chest lies. It tracks your breathing, heart rate and movement with a pneumatic sensor, and your snoring and sleep apnea with a sound sensor. It then syncs the data via wifi to your Withings account and the accompanying Health Mate app when you get up.

Set up is simple using Health Mate on iOS or Android. Put the mat in place, plug it in, find the mat via Bluetooth in the app and then wait for it to inflate and calibrate. The process takes about five minutes.

The tracking is automatic, so all you have to do is get into bed and sleep as you usually would, which is the beauty of the Sleep Analyzer system. You can completely forget about it and just pick up your data when you need it.

Get the full story at theguardian.com.