Eight Sleep partners with EF Education – EasyPost to provide sleep technology for enhanced recovery and performance during the races.

Summary: Eight Sleep announced its partnership with the EF Education – EasyPost team for the 2024 Tour de France, providing the team’s cyclists with its Pod 4 technology to optimize their sleep and enhance performance. The Pod 4, a high-tech mattress cover, offers features such as individualized heating and cooling, automatic snoring detection, and advanced sleep tracking. This collaboration aims to improve athletes’ recovery, contributing to better performance during the rigorous race.

Key Takeaways:

  • Partnership for Performance Enhancement: Eight Sleep is partnering with EF Education – EasyPost to supply their cyclists with the Pod 4 sleep technology during the 2024 Tour de France, aiming to enhance recovery and performance.
  • Sleep Technology: The Pod 4 offers individualized heating and cooling, snoring detection, and comprehensive sleep tracking, promising up to an additional hour of sleep per night and reduced wake time by three hours per month.
  • Broad Athletic Use: Eight Sleep’s technology is utilized by over 300 professional athletes, including notable names from various sports, according to the company.

Sleep fitness company Eight Sleep announced that the EF Education – EasyPost team will use its Pod 4 technology—a high-tech layer that wraps around a mattress, similar to a fitted sheet—during the 2024 Tour de France

As the Official Sleep Partner, Eight Sleep will provide the team members with its Pods to enhance their recovery and performance. The system is designed to improve sleep quality, adding up to an hour of sleep per night and reducing wake time by up to three hours per month. 

The EF Education – EasyPost Tour de France roster will feature athletes Alberto Bettiol, Ben Healy, Marijn van den Berg, Neilson Powless, Richard Carapaz, Rui Costa, Sean Quinn, and Stefan Bissegger. These riders have access to the benefits of the Pod 4 during the Tour de France 2024. These benefits include individualized heating and cooling, automatic snoring detection, and advanced sleep-tracking capabilities.

Athletes’ Testimonials on Pod 4 Benefits

“Traveling for the Tour with the Pods has been a game-changer for us,” says Powless, EF Pro cycling rider and Tour de France competitor, in a release. “I’ve felt a significant boost in performance and recovery since using the Pod. The insights gained from Eight Sleep about my body and sleep habits have been invaluable, and I’m excited to apply them as I gear up for another Tour de France this year. Plus, many of the hotels we stay in do not have air conditioning, so being able to cool myself with Eight Sleep is a big improvement.”

This announcement coincides with Eight Sleep’s launch of the Pod 4 Ultra, driven by Autopilot 3.0, which personalizes the sleep experience for optimal recovery using machine learning and artificial intelligence trained on over 1.2 million hours of sleep data.

“Working with EF Pro Cycling is a natural fit for us. The Eight Sleep Pods are designed for those looking to perform at their best, and sleep is a crucial part of that journey,” says Matteo Franceschetti, co-founder and CEO of Eight Sleep, in a release. “The Tour de France is one of the most challenging sports competitions in the world, both mentally and physically. As sleep optimization becomes increasingly recognized in the world of sports, the Pod 4 offers these cyclists a valuable tool to aid their recovery and improve their performance. We’re honored to support them and be part of this important shift towards better sleep and performance.”

Sleep Technology’s Role in Performance

Kevin Sprouse, EF Pro Cycling’s director of sport science, adds in a release, “The Pod’s ability to track sleep stages, heart rate, heart rate variability, and respiratory rate is truly extraordinary. By understanding these patterns, athletes and their teams of trainers and doctors can tailor their training or performance accordingly, leveraging the insights provided by Eight Sleep technology. 

The EF Pro Cycling team joins over 300 professional athletes leveraging Eight Sleep technology for performance optimization, including tennis pro Taylor Fritz, MLB star Aaron Judge, NFL quarterback Brock Purdy, NBA player Jimmy Butler, and Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton, according to a release from Eight Sleep. 

Photo caption: Tour de France cyclist Neilson Powless checks his Eight Sleep data.

Photo credit: Eight Sleep