3B Medical and BMC Medical (3B/BMC) have selected Vodafone to deliver a global mobile solution to the reporting of sleep efficacy and compliance data from their line of Luna CPAP devices.

The agreement will allow 3B Medical Luna devices that are pre-installed with a Vodafone global SIM to automatically upload sleep data to 3B’s cloud-based patient management system, iCodeConnect. Regardless of patient location, iCodeConnect provides secure, real-time clinician and physician access and management of patient records, compliance reports, and the ability to track overall treatment progress. Luna devices that are being used by patients who travel globally or by those who do not have existing WiFi connections in their home will now be able to realize the benefits of real-time data analysis and reporting.

“This new relationship with Vodafone is a significant next step in our wireless vision, which started with free wireless data connectivity using WiFi. The addition of mobile data significantly enhances our wireless functionality with a device that automatically uploads to the cloud everywhere and anywhere, even across international borders on Vodafone’s global mobile network,” says Joe Toth, vice president of sales and marketing at 3B Medical, in a release. “Mobile data allows our devices to communicate with no patient involvement and makes sleep compliance reporting effortless.”

Vodafone Group’s head of M2M Americas Andrew Morawski says, “3B Medical will be able to better manage and treat sleep disorder patients with access to information in real-time using the Vodafone global SIM running over our mobile network. 3B Medical is a great example of how the healthcare industry is embracing the power of IOT [Internet of Things] technology to the benefit of patients, providers, and insurers.”