The platform analyzes biometric data from the Apple Watch to generate personalized health plans, which are reviewed by doctors for accuracy and safety.

Summary: Empirical Health’s Empirical 2.0 platform uses AI to analyze biometric data from Apple Watch, creating personalized health plans. These plans are reviewed by doctors to ensure accuracy and safety, integrating features such as advanced AI-generated care protocols, support for chronic conditions, and compatibility with additional health devices like blood pressure cuffs. The platform aims to address the shortage of primary care physicians by utilizing extensive health data for preventive care.

Three Key Takeaways:

  • AI-Generated Plans: Empirical 2.0 uses Apple Watch data to create personalized health plans, leveraging AI for detailed health analysis.
  • Doctor Review: All health plans are reviewed by doctors to ensure safety and accuracy.
  • Comprehensive Features: The platform supports chronic condition management, benchmarks key health metrics, and integrates with additional health devices.

Empirical Health has launched Empirical 2.0, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered platform that transforms biometric data from Apple Watch into customized health plans, reviewed by doctors to ensure safety and accuracy.

Empirical 2.0 analyzes biometric data and personal health goals to create a customized health plan. While AI generates these plans, a real, human doctor reviews them to ensure safety and accuracy, providing necessary lab orders, referrals, and prescriptions.

Features and benefits include: 

  • Advanced AI-Generated Care Plans: Empirical 2.0 turns user health data into actionable, step-by-step care plans. For instance, low deep sleep data from an Apple Watch triggers a protocol to assess sleep hygiene and potential sleep apnea, reviewed by a doctor.
  • Care for Chronic Conditions: Empirical 2.0 offers plans for long covid, dysautonomia, or postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, starting with at-home orthostatic vitals and ECG analysis, leading to personalized treatment strategies.

New features in Empirical 2.0 include: 

  • App Redesign: A refreshed visual design for an improved user experience.
  • Support for Blood Pressure Cuffs: Integration with third-party blood pressure cuffs to manage hypertension with tailored exercise, nutrition, and medication plans.
  • Benchmarking Metrics: Key health metrics like resting heart rate, HRV, VO2Max, and sleep stages are benchmarked against medical norms, showing users their health percentile.
  • New Workout Templates: Specifically designed to improve VO2Max.

With a shortage of primary care physicians and longitudinal health data generated by consumer devices like the Apple Watch, Empirical 2.0 offers a solution, according to the company. It utilizes over 240,000 health data points generated per person annually to provide preventive care.

Photo caption: Empirical 2.0 for Apple Watch

Photo credit: Empirical Health