More is Better

d_Ramos.jpg (9787 bytes)Launched in the Fall of 2000, Sleep Review has enjoyed unparalleled success among the sleep medicine community for its timely and thought-provoking editorial content, for its pragmatic approach to the issues at hand, and for its ability to combine all of this stellar editorial content with a graphically pleasing and contemporary design. With certain things in life, less is more, but in the case of Sleep Review, more is better.

In 2002, Sleep Review will be published six times a year. With a bimonthly publication, our editors and writers will be able to deliver even more inspiring information to help run your sleep departments and/or private practices. From feature articles on REM behavioral disorders and scoring artifacts, arousals, and assist to screening methods for OSA and the latest CPAP technology, Sleep Review is poised to publish articles that are relevant and educational to today’s sleep medicine professional. In addition to clinically based editorial content, Sleep Review will keep you up-to-date on the latest changes concerning reimbursement, legal, and business management issues related to the sleep industry. As the publishers of 16 medical/health care publications, we have always had an appreciation for the dynamic relationship that exists between the clinical and business management side of health care. Today’s providers need to be as acutely aware of reimbursement and business issues as they are of the clinical side of medicine in order to best serve their patients and health care institutions.

Our bimonthly format in 2002 will include an issue of Sleep Review Products, the definitive guide to new and existing sleep medicine products and supplies. The New York-based research firm of Frost & Sullivan recently reported that the sleep medicine field would grow from its current level of $386 million to $1 billion by 2007. A large part of this growth is due to the constant advances in sleep medicine technology, and Sleep Review Products will ensure that you stay on top of them.

A special thanks to our readers, advertisers, authors, and Editorial Advisory Board members who have helped make this magazine a success. We are committed to making Sleep Review an even more valuable publication in the year to come. Here’s to a healthy and prosperous New Year and sound sleep.

Tony Ramos, Publisher