apZme, a management support organization and dental support organization for practices that focus on sleep apnea and dental sleep medicine, has acquired Sleep Impressions, a network of dentists trained in dental sleep medicine that bill medical insurance for oral appliance therapy through the group’s in-network insurance contracts.

According to a release from apZme, the acquisition aims to improve the landscape of dental sleep medicine by addressing a long-standing challenge in the industry: medical billing.

In addition to insurance contract management and process improvement, Sleep Impressions manages essential tasks for each patient starting with an integration with a sleep testing provider to obtain the needed physician telehealth visit, formal diagnosis, and appliance prescription. Then checking benefits, explaining oral appliance coverage, and billing claims are performed centrally to eliminate the burden from the local offices.

“We are excited that our years of experience with oral appliance billing—clinical guidelines, proper documentation, and contracting—will allow trained dental providers across the country to offer this alternative therapy for sleep apnea. They can focus on clinical treatment and be compensated appropriately,” says Mara Retzlaff, CEO of Sleep Impressions, in a release.

Dental providers will now be able to provide dental sleep medicine services within a full medical model, offering a solution that many referring physicians have been seeking, according to the release from apZme. For these physicians, the top concern is not the credentials of the dentist or the type of appliance being used but rather if they are in-network.

“Billing in-network has made our lives so much easier—less hassle, less time, and lower costs. Most importantly my referring physicians don’t have to worry about whether I accept their patient’s insurance or not, so it has increased referrals,” says Jeff Rodgers, DMD, D-ABDSM, an apZme practice owner.

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