The Obama administration urged courts to support mandates required by the new health care reform laws, because the costs of the uninsured are a burden on interstate commerce, according to [removed]AP reports[/removed].

In a 62-page argument filed last week in a federal appeals court in Atlanta by the Department of Justice, the federal government argues that the plaintiffs’ plan to "seek to radically reshape the law and override the judgment of the elected branches of government is at odds with Supreme Court precedent."

The health care reform laws mandate that all Americans must purchase health insurance; a fine is imposed on those who do not comply. While existing lawsuits vary, most contend that the federal government cannot compel a person to buy health insurance.

In its filing, the DOJ argued that it was entitled to make such regulations, writing that "The minimum coverage provision of the Affordable Care Act regulates the timing and method of payment for health care services. To uphold this provision, the Court does not need to make new law or alter the established allocation of authority between state and federal government."