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Learn about newly discovered biomarkers linking sleep and neurodegeneration, financial options available for patients requiring oral appliances, the benefits and functionality of remote CPAP mask-fitting technologies for improving patient care and compliance, the rise of artificial intelligence in sleep medicine, and more.

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CSTE Exam Preparation Articles

For thorough test preparation, please review these essential articles. They cover key topics and concepts that will be evaluated.

How Sleep Illuminates Neurodegenerative Disease Pathways, and Vice Versa

Learning Objectives: Recognize the emerging biomarkers in sleep patterns indicating neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and dementia, emphasizing early detection and differential diagnosis; understand the role of machine learning in analyzing sleep data, identifying subtle neurodegenerative markers, and advancing personalized neuroprotective treatments.

Little-Known Ways to Pay for Oral Appliances*

Learning Objectives: Understand the variety of financial options available for patients requiring oral appliances, including insurance, financing plans, and warranties; explore strategies for minimizing out-of-pocket expenses, such as using in-network providers and understanding insurance coverage nuances.

Remote Mask Fitters Enhance Care for Established CPAP Users*

Learning Objectives: Understand the benefits and functionality of remote CPAP mask-fitting technologies for improving patient care and compliance; explore how these technologies can reduce healthcare costs and improve operational efficiency.

How to Switch to Disposable Sleep Sensors Without Disruption

Learning Objectives: Recognize the logistical considerations for maintaining adequate sleep sensor stock, navigating supply chain challenges, and selecting vendors; explore strategies for effective transitioning to disposable sensors, including staff training, managing stock levels, and maintaining a balance with reusable sensor kits.

The Rise of AI in Sleep Medicine

Learning Objectives: Explore how AI algorithms process and learn from sleep data to improve the accuracy and efficiency of sleep disorder diagnoses and treatments; recognize the collaboration between human expertise and AI technology in sleep medicine.

Terms for CSTE Qualification

The Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (BRPT) designates this educational activity–Sleep Review’s 2023 Digital Edition series—for a maximum of 3.5 Continuing Sleep Technology Education (CSTE) credits. Individuals should claim only those credits that he/she actually earned in the educational activity.  Aug/Sept 2023 Edition is worth 0.5 credits on its own; certificates will be issued every other week on Fridays to allow time for completion of the entire series, if desired.

To be awarded Continuing Sleep Technology Education (CSTE) credit, BRPT-credential holders must read the digital edition of Sleep Review and score 80% or higher on the post-test. The participant may re-take the post-test up to 3 times. If unable to achieve a passing score, credit cannot be issued.

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* Conflict of Interest: Articles are written by employees of Sleep Review, which accepts sleep marketer advertising