With this yoga sequence you can calm your nervous system, re-enter your body, and set up for a good sleep, according to MindBodyGreen.

I’m a notoriously good sleeper. I fall asleep easily, sleep through the night, and have no problem clocking the seven and half to eight hours I need to be a functional, energetic person. Even if I stay up late working, go out with friends, or am traveling—in most cases, I’m able to adjust and sleep soundly.

There are measures I take during the day to make sure I don’t disrupt the night’s sleep. For example, I have only one caffeinated beverage, first thing in the morning. I break a sweat daily and have started taking nightly magnesium supplements, which made a big difference especially when traveling. I love using a white noise machine when I sleep, too. But the one thing I do every single night before bed, no matter how many drinks I’ve had, where I am, or how exhausted I feel: I do yoga.