A new campaign from Arianna Huffington aims to encourage drivers to pledge to not drive while drowsy, according to The Huffington Post.

Drowsy driving may be responsible for 1.2 million car accidents every year, according to a new estimate from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Yet the problem flies largely under the radar among the American driving public.

A new campaign from Arianna Huffington on Change.org hopes to change that. They hope to catalyze a conversation around drowsy driving through an online petition where people can pledge not to drive while sleepy.

Whereas it has sometimes been a point of pride for people to brag about driving, or doing other activities, while sleep-deprived, the campaign hopes to reframe taking a break as a point of pride. It’s rallying the online community through the hashtag #TakeABreakToStayAwake.

Commenters on the Change.org petition, which has over 2,748 supporters as of Tuesday afternoon, wrote many reasons for why they’ve decided to take a stand against drowsy driving.

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