Some companies are paying their employers to work out and get enough rest, reports Quartz.

Payment is distributed monthly: $20 per fitness facility/class visit, $0.20 per mile walked, $4 per mile ran, $2 per mile biked, and $50 per race completed. The startup has also extended the benefit to rest, encouraging employees to track nightly sleep via IncentFit for $2 per night.

Through IncentFit, Casper employees can earn a monthly maximum of $130 for exercise and $60 for sleep—a $190 cap set by Casper’s leadership. As context, in New York City, this is enough to fully reimburse an all-access pass at gyms like Crunch ($120 per month) and Planet Fitness ($20 per month), four SoulCycle classes, or six Pure Barre classes. And, if you sweat it out enough, you could make a serious dent in upper-crust gym Equinox’s $240 all-access monthly fee.

“When a startup comes to us and says, ‘Hey, we have a cool product to help your employees’ health,’ we’re almost always the first in the industry to pilot,” says Parikh, who adopted Incentfit shortly before Casper launched in 2014. Today, more than half of the company takes advantage of the fitness and sleep rewards, and in the past month, 69% of employees registered with Incentfit earned money.

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