A new video series called “Life in Space” tackles a variety of space-related topics, including how astronauts sleep in space, according to Geek Wire.

How do you get your Z’s in zero-G? Sleeping in space is one of the subjects tackled in a new video series from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment that capitalizes on the buzz generated by “The Martian.”

Fox’s “Life in Space” series is aimed at stirring up interest in today’s release of “The Martian” on DVD and Blu-ray. And speaking of “stirring,” one of the key issues on the International Space Station has to do with getting sufficient shut-eye without floating into your crewmate’s bunk.

NASA astronaut Drew Feustel, a veteran of two space shuttle flights, handles the question in a 46-second clip. It turns out that the accommodations are cozier than you might think.

“Typically, we sleep in a fleece sleeping bag,” Feustel says. “They’re similar to what they are on Earth.”

Because the space station is a zero-G environment, you don’t really need to lay out on a bed. Anyplace will do, but most astronauts prefer to sack out vertically in their closet-sized crew quarters.

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