After the summer, your patients might have trouble getting back to a regular sleep schedule. To help them combat insomnia, share these tips from the Daily Record.

With the school break a thing of the past and the holiday season coming to an end for the rest of us too, the switch from fun to formal can throw even the best sleepers off-kilter.

According to sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley, former chairman of the British Sleep Society, autumn insomnia is the inevitable fallout of having enjoyed a great summer.

He said: “The real problem for parents and kids is all those lovely holiday lie-ins, siestas and fun-packed late nights that alter your body clock.

“They make it difficult to readjust to waking up for normal everyday life once we’re back to the daily grind. The body loves rhythm and predictability.

“When you’re out of your normal routine, the body isn’t expecting to wake up at the time the alarm goes off, so it’s still in deep sleep and just isn’t ready – that’s why you feel so exhausted.”

The good news is that you can sleep better than ever with the aid of these simple tricks.

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