A report from The Verge details a new camera by Nanit designed to provide parents with sleep data for their baby.

Self-driven cars use computer vision, but what about your baby monitor? Today, a company called Nanit launched with the promise of using computer vision and machine learning algorithms to watch, study, and learn from your sleeping baby. This concept is in contrast to products that make parents put sensors on their child — like Owlet, which uses baby booties, or MonBaby, which uses a button that attaches to baby clothing.

The Nanit camera captures video footage of your child from a tall, white stand that hides its power cord and leans against the wall. Its fall-resistant design is made to thwart grabby babies, and it has a built-in nightlight on its ceiling-facing top side. (If the stand doesn’t work for your nursery, you can also use Nanit on a tabletop.) But Nanit’s most differentiating features work on the backend as its algorithms analyze everything the camera sees.

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