SureCall, a phone signal boosting company, asked 1,137 people about their phone use habits, and the most surprising stat from the study was definitely how we tend to sleep with or near our phones.

(The same survey found that almost 75% of respondents use their phone in the bathroom, which is just gross. Please stop doing that.)

There seems to be a direct tie between those who just leave the phone on a charger in an office and those who keep the device close at hand when they sleep. 30% said they experience anxiety, compared to 13% among those who don’t sleep near a phone. Another question for the participants had to do with feeling dissatisfied about life for those they sleep near their phones. 17% said they are more despondent, compared to 8% for those who don’t keep a phone handy. Those who feel sad? It’s 21% of the “keep the phone near the bed” crowd versus only 13% for those of us who keep the phone in an office.

I’ve been keeping my iPhone on a wireless charging pad at night that’s right next to my computer. More and more, I’ve been using the device as a way to help me at work, but using it less and less as part of my daily routine away from work.