Following a short study in Australia, Airservices Australia will not change flight paths due to demonstrated sleep and noise disturbances in several suburbs, reports Community News.

Airservices Australia has decided the changing of flight paths, which affected residents in the southeastern suburbs, has not provided an overall noise improvement and will not be pursued any further.

Residents were outraged initially when Airservices Australia decided to conduct a short study, which saw the residents in several suburbs including Canning Vale, Piara Waters, Huntingdale, Langford and Southern River heavily impacted by the noise.

Eight noise monitors were placed along the flight path including in Langford, Thornlie, and Canning Vale as well as a host in the Cockburn area.

The study showed that on average there were 4.2 aircraft departures at a time that was likely to cause sleep disturbance. That exceeded Airservices assessment criterion of three flights.

“This number of flights exceeds Airservices assessment criterion of three flights for this proposal and therefore confirms the original conclusion that the initiative did not provide an overall noise improvement,” a statement released online said.

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