Researchers from the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research are monitoring the sleep of Matthias Fuchs, a man on a 12-day journey for charity, as reported by ABC.

A team from the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research is now monitoring Mr Fuchs’ progress as he spends almost 200 hours flying across the world, testing the human ability to cope with jet lag and severe sleep deprivation.

So far, Mr Fuchs has travelled to Singapore, Los Angeles, Johannesburg, Tokyo and Dubai, and will next visit London and Santiago.

“I’m starting to feel very tired now, my body’s starting to say, ‘what are you doing? Why aren’t you going to bed?'” he said.

“But look, I’m hanging in there.”

The Institute’s Coordinator of Medical Psychology, Delwyn Bartlett, said the marathon journey had presented researchers with a rare case study.

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