Sleep physician Dr Mark Hickey explains why he uses athenahealth’s billing and EHR services.

While in medical school, Mark Hickey, MD discovered the Ideal Medical Practice model, first delineated by L. Gordon Moore, MD in 2001. This model held out the promise of creating a private practice that paired low overhead with high technology combined with excellent physician-patient relationships. Dr. Hickey also knew that this was a tall order—especially considering the fact that he wanted to open his private practice as soon as possible after finishing his residency. So, he began early on to investigate technologies that would help him achieve his goal.

“I did a very careful analysis of the systems that were out there. I knew that I’d have to have a Web-based system in order to offload the technical work and keep costs under control. I knew I wanted a pay-as-you-go system, based on how well my practice was doing, so I wouldn’t have to make a big upfront investment.”