The Photon Space is a glass building designed to improve our health by maximizing exposure to daylight, reports GizMag.

Led by Professor Russell Foster from Oxford University, whose previous research includes the discovery of a new type of non-visual photoreceptor, the Photon Project will research the extent of the positive effects of exposure to daylight for humans. The four-year study is expected to begin next year, with 300 participants each living for three weeks at a time in a glass Photon Pod, a smaller version of the Photon Space that was displayed in London during 2013.

The Photon Space was conceived based on the benefits that are already known to exist as a result of our exposure to daylight. It is designed to maximize the amount of daylight to which people are exposed with a view to improving health and happiness. The 45 sq m (484 sq ft) structure will comprise a steel frame and glass paneling and looks very much like your average greenhouse, but the glass used is much more complex.