In a Children’s Hospital Colorado report, Susan Crane, PsyD, and Stacey L. Simon, PhD, answer seven key questions about children’s sleep.

You’ve heard it before – sleep plays an integral role in our overall health. This is especially true for kids, but unfortunately, counting sheep isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

To help bring on the “zzz’s” for your children, our sleep experts Susan Crane, Psy.D., and Stacey L. Simon, Ph.D., have answered the top seven questions they receive about children’s sleep.

1. Does it help to use white noise or sounds during sleep?

Using sounds during the night can often improve sleep because sounds in the bedroom can keep out other noises that might accidentally wake children up. It can also be relaxing to have some comforting sounds to associate with sleep.
Some examples of helpful sounds include: “white noise” (from a sound machine or app), fans, music or nature sounds. The sounds should not change too much in volume, so be cautious if you use the radio, as it can get louder during commercials. Even classical music can have dramatic changes in volume. The sounds should run all night, so they can help children fall back to sleep during natural awakenings throughout the night.

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