Sense, a device and app designed to track sleep, has launched in the UK and 11 countries, reports The Telegraph.

A 24-year-old who wants to make us all sleep better, James Proud is the founder of a San Francisco-based company called Hello, which manufactures Sense – a sensor, app and hardware device designed to track and enhance its user’s sleep.

London-born and raised, Proud returned this week to launch Sense in the UK and 11 other countries, over a year after it was released in the US.

There are three parts to Sense, which costs £149: a motion sensor that clips onto a user’s pillow, a tennis ball-shaped monitor that sits on a bed side table, and an app. The sensor tracks movement through the night, which is then recorded in the app’s sleep diary.

But it’s the bedside monitor that sets Sense apart. “It helps you fall asleep at night,” said Proud. It monitors environmental factors such as light, humidity and sound, and advises users how to optimise their bedroom for the best sleeping conditions. Sense, each of which come secured with their own encryption key, can also play white noise, pulse with soft light, and work as the “best alarm”.

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