An ABC 6 news report indicates that a New Jersey judge convicted a Philadelphia nun of a DUI, rejecting her original defense that she was sleep driving.

One of the officers on the scene says Miller told him she had two glasses of wine at a book signing event earlier that night. An open but corked half full bottle of wine was found behind the driver’s seat.

She claimed that after taking the sleep medication Ambien, along with a glass of altar wine, she had no recollection of how she got to New Jersey or in police custody. She said that she was ‘sleep driving,’ not drunk driving

In court last week, Miller said “And I was upset and I was in my habit in handcuffs. I’m a nun. I was in handcuffs.”

Whitcraft rejected Miller’s story, and the Ambien defense, finding Miller was under the influence of alcohol, not the sleep medication.

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