Counseling on sleeping habits from a DVD can be successful, reports Healio.

Splaingard and colleagues randomly assigned 239 families into one of three study arms: a DVD intervention condition (the Sleep Easy Solution), a website comparison condition (, and no intervention at all (also known as the watchful waiting group).

Researchers stated that one parent from each family was asked to complete the Extended Brief Infant Questionnaire at baseline and at 1-month follow-up. A trichotomous variable — ‘Do you consider your child’s sleep a problem?’ (Possible answers were not a problem at all, a small problem, a very serious problem) — was the primary outcome.

Researchers found that for the primary outcome, the DVD was superior to the watchful waiting group (P = .03). The website was not superior to watchful waiting group on the primary outcome (P = .21). Researchers also found that regarding secondary outcomes, the DVD was superior to the watchful waiting group in terms of longer continuous sleep periods (P =.003), more favorable perceptions of the child’s overall sleep (P = .001), and higher parental confidence in managing the child’s sleep (P = .001).