A report from The Conversation investigates whether or not it is damaging to regularly sleep with earplugs.

If you can’t put it in without discomfort or it comes out with dark wax over the end, or if you feel there is a build-up of pressure in the ear, then see your doctor or audiologist. They may suggest other options if you need more silence while sleeping.

In terms of allergies, there has only been one reported case of an allergic reaction to the material foam earplugs are made of.

It is also very unlikely you will develop pressure sores. And only one paper published in the last 20 years has described certain types of earplugs (mainly silicone) breaking apart in the ear canal and requiring specialist removal.

Discard the plug

It is a good idea to discard the plugs once they start to discolour. As wax builds up on the surface, earplugs become stickier and can transfer bacteria from your fingers into your ears.

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