Jespersen and Skelton turned to a certified sleep consultant to help them through a trying period, reports Edmonton Journal.

And it was all going so well.

Wyatt Jespersen, the newborn son of local broadcasters Kari Skelton and Ryan Jespersen, was sleeping, yes, like a baby. By the time he was six weeks old, Wyatt was snug as a bug nine hours at night. His parents thought they were home free.

But then, at four months, it all changed. Suddenly, Wyatt stopped sleeping at night and was up every 45 minutes to two hours. His parents were distraught, not to mention exhausted. Especially Skelton, who is breastfeeding the baby while on maternity leave.

“I’m not good with no sleep,” says Skelton. “I wanted to be the best I could be for him during this precious time. I wanted to be aware and present.”