A man accused of killing a road worker while driving drunk says he had not consumed alcohol and was sleeping instead, reports the Daily Mail.

Marcello Fracassi, 33, of Alliston, Canada, has been charged in the June 2014 death of Geoffrey Gaston, 41. Gaston died after being struck by Fracassi’s pickup at night, while painting traffic lines. His co-worker Jane Fuller was also injured.

Fracassi’s alcohol level was more than twice the legal limits hours after the crash, according to the prosecution. But Fracassi, who has pleaded not guilty to drunk driving causing death, claims it was not alcohol that caused him to crash his truck, but a sleep disorder.

He told the court Wednesday that medical issues have caused him to act erratically during his sleep, causing him to urinate around his house at night on more than one occasion.

Prosecutors told Fracassi he seemed to have become concerned with sleepwalking only after being charged with killing Gaston.

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