The Methodist Health System has opened a new Center for Sleep Disorders at its surgical hospital in Addison, Texas, reports Healthcare Daily.

The new specialty center opened the unit this week. It offers more opportunities for pre-surgical diagnosis and the treatment of sleep apnea, which the hospital says is a major contributor to surgical complications. The center will be staffed with sleep specialists that will diagnose based on overnight sleep studies. Patients can undergo nocturnal polysomnogram (NPSGs) tests to determine whether they’re suffering from a sleep disorder.

The two-bed facility offers private rooms with 40-inch flat screen televisions, free WiFi, and a queen sized bed to treat patients who feel they suffer from apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, sleepwalking, or other disorders. The Methodist Hospital for Surgery in Addison is a joint venture between Methodist, area physicians, and Kansas-based Nuehealth.

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