Presenters at a health care meeting in Canada told the crowd that providers should consider programs that encourage sleep-deprived employees to learn healthier habits, reports Benefits Canada. 

In Canada, employers pay a high price. Dixon cited studies showing lost productivity alone amounts to $5,000 per year for each affected employee.

“It’s in our best interests to take a structured approach, including both prevention and intervention measures, to help employees sleep better,” said Dixon, noting that on the prevention side, one of the most effective solutions is a comprehensive sleep health program.

To create a long-term solution for employees suffering from insomnia, HALEO Preventive Health Solutions Inc. recently conducted a pilot project involving 1,800 Desjardins employees.

During the pilot program, HALEO supported the Desjardins employees through the various aspects of care, from education about sleep disorders to screening, evaluation and treatment. The results saw participants experience a significant reduction in symptoms in a short period of time. “This will have a direct impact on reducing absenteeism and improving productivity,” said HALEO president and founder Bradley Smith.

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