From how much humans sleep in a lifetime to the common cause of sleep deprivation in the US, an Elite Daily report reveals 25 interesting facts about sleep.

Sleeping is a lot more important than you might think.

In today’s “rise and grind” world, we’re urged to sleep less and work more. We’re told that “sleep is for the weak.” We’re told “sleep is the cousin of death.” But is it really? Or is the whole anti-sleep narrative actually just fabricated folklore working against us?

It’s important that we understand all of the different ways sleep is important for the human body. For instance, did you know sleeping for less than 7 hours a night shortens your life expectancy exponentially?

Let’s face it: sleep is awesome.

Check out 25 important facts you should know about sleep, and hey, next time you’re looking to take a nap at work, you can tell your bosses all about Japan’s obscure appreciation for sleeping on the job.

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