CNET reviews some of the best smartphone apps to help people overcome insomnia.

Calm app’s wide range of guided meditations is mainly designed to assist people in relaxing (or calming down) in comparison to some other meditation apps that are designed to inspire deep thought or creativity.

Meditation length varies from 3- to 25-minute sessions. If you’re keen on developing a daily meditation practice, try Daily Calm, the app’s 10-minute program you can practice before the beginning or end of your day.

The app Buddhify categorizes all of its guided meditations by activities and emotions. Examples include walking, taking a break from work, going to sleep, stress and empowerment. Buddhify is an advanced meditation app, so it’s better suited to people who have already broken into the world of meditation and mindfulness and want to develop a regular practice.

Insight Timer offers a paid subscription, but if you’re new to meditation or only meditate occasionally, chances are you won’t need to purchase anything. This app offers 15,000 free guided meditations from more than 1,000 meditation teachers, as well as access to 750-plus soothing music tracks.