AppYea has begun the commercial sale of AppySleep, its wearable device designed to treat snoring issues through behavior modification, with the first deliveries now reaching customers in the US.

AppySleep is a compact and lightweight smart wristband designed for use during sleep. This wristband incorporates multiple sensors and interfaces with the AppySleep smartphone app via Bluetooth. 

The AppySleep wristband and smartphone app. Photo credit: AppYea

The app, utilizing the smartphone’s microphone, actively monitors breathing patterns during sleep. When it detects several consecutive snores, the wristband responds with a gentle vibration, prompting the user to adjust their sleeping position and naturally cease snoring.

The key to AppySleep’s effectiveness lies in its user-friendly design and gradual training approach, according to a release from the company, which notes that, over continuous use spanning several weeks, users typically acclimate to sleeping in a correct and healthy position, significantly reducing or eliminating snoring.

Users can fine-tune the algorithm’s parameters according to personal preferences through the settings screen on the smartphone app. These adjustable settings include sensitivity, vibration frequency, and other parameters.

AppySleep is now available for purchase online at the company’s website. AppYea plans to sell the product in-store at US and international retailers as part of the next phase of its product rollout.

“Snoring is a prevalent concern, and our test marketing and preorders have yielded positive feedback. Moreover, the successful completion of the initial production series is a testament to AppYea’s ability to transform cutting-edge technology into an accessible consumer product at an affordable price point,” says Adi Shemer, CEO of AppYea, in a release. “With an appealing price tag of less than $100, we believe AppySleep is poised to become an attractive option in the market.”

Photo caption: Snoring is monitored in real time through the AppySleep app

Photo credit: AppYea