Pronto is the latest product release from Rhinomed, an airway technology company that also makes Mute nasal dilators.

Pronto is a nasal vapor inhaler with a dual action. It opens the nose to improve airflow and delivers the vapors from the company’s proprietary blends of pure essential oils.

The Pronto Sleep essential oil blend includes lavender, eucalyptus, valerian, and tea tree.

The Pronto Clear essential oil blend includes rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, and lemon.

When Pronto is stored in its case in the recharge position, the essential oils are replenished. Pronto can be recharged 10 times.

Rhinomed CEO Michael Johnson says in a release, “Our new Pronto range provides a truly new experience—the dual action of opening up your nose plus the soothing effect of pure essential oils. This will not only change the way you breathe, Pronto Clear will clear that stuffy nose naturally while Pronto Sleep will help you to get to sleep and sleep better naturally. We’re excited to get these revolutionary new products out to our customers!”