Sunset Healthcare Solutions, Chicago-based manufacturer and distributor of home medical supplies, has introduced a new CPAP tube with increased flexibility and lightness.
According to a statement from the company, the redesign from Sunset comes after recurring customer concerns about tube damage. The new product, Slim CPAP Tube, features a reinforced, strain relief cuff that helps prevent stress and separation at the tube joint. The rubber grip point also helps to reduce tearing when patients attach and detach it from the CPAP machine. And the tube weighs less than others on the market, at 2.6 ounces, according to the statement issued by the manufacturer.

“We wanted to decrease the number of calls that DMEs deal with due to slim tubing not holding up or tearing,” vice president of sales, PJ Ruflin, says in a statement. “The Slim Tube should provide a more desirable product option, with durability equal to or better than most standard tubing on the market.”