Somnetics LLC, the maker of the Transcend Sleep Apnea Therapy System, participated as a sponsor and exhibitor at the Healthy Trucking Association of America (HTAA) Summit—an event focused on improving the health of the nation’s professional driver population—in Atlanta on March 1-3.

The HTAA Summit was the first venue to exhibit the new Transcend Sleep Apnea Therapy System. Attracting trucking fleet safety directors, HR directors, recruitment and retention managers, and other fleet executives and industry leaders, this year’s Summit featured sessions on sleep disorders, obesity and weight loss, hypertension and heart health, respiratory health, diabetes, and more.

Transcend is a new wearable OSA therapy device designed to overcome hurdles associated with using traditional CPAP. Weighing about 1 pound, the Transcend device is easy to operate, uses low power, replaces a humidification chamber with heat moisture exchange technology, and has optional battery backup.