Operation Restore CPAP, organized by Awake in America, a national nonprofit organization, is providing disaster relief to sleep apnea patients affected by the destruction of hurricane Ike.

Originally launched in the wake of hurricane Katrina in 2005, Awake in America’s program is the only disaster relief program of its kind in the nation. Operation Restore CPAP will replace CPAP and bilevel devices destroyed as a result of any disaster approved for inclusion in the relief program. The products are replaced at no cost to the CPAP or bilevel patient.

“We’re hoping those hurricane victims with apnea will find the many battles for replacing homes, furniture, vehicles, and many other essentials of life a little easier because of our program,” says Michele Narcavage, president of Awake in America.

Currently, Operation Restore CPAP is in urgent need of the following items:

•    Tubing (6 foot and 2 foot)
•    Nasal and full-face masks
•    Heated humidifiers with chambers
•    Cash donations to help cover shipping costs
•    Grants from corporations, businesses, or government

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