Traditional bed pillows tend to push against the CPAP apparatus, which can break the mask seal and cause leaks and facial discomfort. The CPAPMax Pillow offers superior mask accommodation with its patented design and array of features, according to manufacturer Contour Products. The “pressure-free” zones on either side of the pillow allow the user to position their mask over the side of the pillow, keeping their head completely supported. This feature minimizes air leaks, shifting, and keeps the mask from pressing into the user’s face.

The CPAPMax Pillow boasts numerous additional features. Optional removable layers allow the user to sleep at a height for their unique size and shape of their body. This opens their airway and allows for easier breathing and to suit their comfort level. The pillow has a built-in hose tether that easily attaches to the user’s hose to help eliminate hose tangling and allows the hose to move freely throughout the night. The CPAPMax Pillow is suited for both side and back sleepers. The center area has been molded into the pillow’s design so that patients can see where to properly position their head to improve posture and airway alignment while in the back sleeping position. A broad landing area exists on the pillow’s surface between its center and pressure-free zones to easily accommodate side sleepers and larger individuals.

The CPAPMax Pillow also provides CPAP therapy patients with a choice in pillow surfaces of memory foam or traditional fiber to accommodate all users. One side is made of a soft and breathable 3-D mesh material that works in combination with the ventilated foam, reducing moisture and humidity for cool sleeping comfort. The other side features a quilted, soft and comfortable sleeping surface with a layer of fiberfill to provide the traditional comfort and feel that so many people have come to expect from a pillow.

“We’re pleased to offer this 2-in-1 pillow to CPAP patients, a group of people who often feel as though they have few options,” says Scott Davis, president of Contour Products, in a release. “Although this pillow was designed specifically for CPAP users, it’s comfortable enough for everyone!”