Medical providers and patients who leased, rented, or purchased recalled Philips Respironics CPAPs, BiPAPs, or ventilators—as well as payers who reimbursed recalled devices—can now file a claim for a share in the company’s $479 million settlement deal.  

The proposed settlement was reached last year in a US class action lawsuit alleging economic loss claims related to certain devices that Philips recalled beginning in June 2021. These devices were sold in the US between 2008 and 2021.

Eligible users are entitled to:

  • a Device Payment Award for each recalled device they purchased, leased, or rented;
  • a Device Return Award of $100 for each recalled device they purchased, leased, rented, or were prescribed that they have already returned or that they return to Philips Respironics by the claims period deadline; and/or
  • A Device Replacement Award if they spent their own money to purchase a comparable CPAP, BiPAP, or ventilator on or after June 14, 2021, and before Sept 7, 2023, to replace a recalled device.

Users who receive or have received a remanufactured device from Philips as part of a recall program also are entitled to extended warranties. 

For eligibility details and guidance on necessary steps to receive payment, the settlement administrator has established an interactive website, accessible here

The website allows users to look up their recalled device by serial number, recall registration number (if applicable), or claim ID number (if available) to verify their CPAP, BiPAP, or ventilator is one of the affected devices and see what device payment award they may be entitled to.

Device payment awards range from $55.63 for the DreamStation CPAP to $1,552.25 for certain ventilators, according to the amended class settlement agreement.

The claims period deadline is Aug 9, 2024. 

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