Battery Power Solutions introduced its SunPower Solar Panel that can safely and efficiently charge the C-100 CPAP Battery Pack.

Made using unique Maxeon solar cell technology, the 40W solar panel boasts a 22% efficiency rating. The thin, flexible, 11”x11” folding panels weigh only 2.2 lbs making it just as portable as the CPAP Battery Pack itself.

“We are very excited to be able to finally offer a solar option for charging our C-100 CPAP Battery Pack,” says Steven Mell, Battery Power Solutions’ lead sales representative, in a release. “Many people who use our CPAP Battery Pack travel completely off the grid with no access to AC power or a vehicle for recharging the Battery Pack. Offering a solar option for charging was the logical next step in our commitment to providing CPAP users the freedom to power their PAP device no matter where their world takes them.”

As an added bonus, by using the DC Input Cord included with the C-100 CPAP Battery Pack, the SunPower Solar Panel can be used to charge other small electronic devices that operate from 18V or less such as cell phones and iPads.

“Everyone wants to get the most bang for their buck so we are always trying to make our products as universal and multi-use as possible,” Mell says. “Just with the C-100 Battery Pack, which can be used to power other small electronic devices that operate from 12V direct current, we wanted customers to be able to use the SunPower Solar Panel to charge other devices beyond our CPAP Battery Pack.”

Battery Power Solutions is the manufacturer of the C-100 CPAP Battery Pack, which provides direct 12V current to CPAP, BiLevel, and other PAP devices, giving users the ability to power their device when AC power is not available.