Hostage Tape becomes the official sleep aid partner of UFC, gaining exclusive rights to promote mouth tape, nose strips, and sleep masks at major UFC events and broadcasts.

Summary: UFC has named Hostage Tape as its official sleep aid partner, granting it exclusive rights to market mouth tapes, nose strips, and sleep masks. This partnership will feature Hostage Tape’s products at UFC events and broadcasts, reaching over 700 million fans worldwide. Additionally, the UFC Performance Institute will conduct a study on the benefits of nasal breathing, enhancing athlete performance and fan well-being. This collaboration marks UFC’s first venture into these product categories.

Key Takeaways:

  • UFC has partnered with Hostage Tape, making it the organization’s official sleep aid partner with exclusive rights in product categories including mouth tape, nose strips, and sleep masks.
  • Through the partnership, Hostage Tape will gain significant exposure at UFC events and on broadcasts, reaching an audience of over 700 million fans in 170 countries and approximately 975 million TV households.
  • The UFC Performance Institute will conduct a sleep study to explore the benefits of nasal breathing, aiming to improve the performance and well-being of UFC athletes and fans.

Hostage Tape, a manufacturer of sleep solutions including mouth tape and nose strips, will become the official sleep aid partner of the mixed martial arts organization UFC.

Under the new agreement, Hostage Tape will have global exclusivity in several product categories, including mouth tape, nose strips, and sleep masks. This marks the first time UFC has opened up these categories to a marketing partner.

“We value sleep and want to spread our message globally,” says Alex Neist, founder of Hostage Tape, in a release. “We are incredibly proud and excited to announce our partnership with UFC. UFC has revolutionized the world of competitive sports, and our collaboration aims to help fighters, fans, and everyone get better sleep, better exercise, breathe better and live better.”

Branded Entitlements and Activations

As an official UFC partner, the Hostage Tape brand will be showcased within some of UFC’s biggest events, highlighted by prominent placement inside the world-famous Octagon at select Fight Nights and broadcast integrations within the main card of select Pay Per View broadcasts. 

Through UFC’s global footprint, Hostage Tape will have visibility before more than 700 million fans in 170 countries, as well as an estimated 975 million TV households that receive UFC’s broadcasts.

Beyond the Octagon, UFC and Hostage Tape will collaborate on original content that will be distributed through UFC’s popular digital and social channels, which reach more than 259 million users worldwide.

In addition, the UFC Performance Institute, a destination for MMA performance training, rehabilitation, nutrition, and sports science, will conduct a data-oriented sleep study that will analyze the overall benefits of nasal breathing to improve the lives of our hundreds of UFC athletes and millions of fans at home.

Other creative integrations will focus on leveraging fan engagement and driving Hostage Tape product awareness, including in-arena activations, viewer sweepstakes, and on-site presence at UFC’s biggest fan experience of the year, UFC X in Las Vegas during International Fight Week.

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